The Situation

The primary body of water namely, the Zwartkops river and environs until now has been policed by Council and Environmental bodies. Boating access is regulated by The Department of Nature Conservation. Other users are usually from the surrounding communities and the primary activities are based on income and subsistence on the river.

The river itself, being the resource most at risk until now, has been contested by different industries w.r.t E-Coli, Fecal E-Coli, heavy metals etc. This has made the news on various occasions and will continue to be a contentious issue until a more coordinated effort is bought into by all roll players.

The Zwartkops Conservancy to date has been active in Gill net removal, garbage and refuse collection, and rescue to local river traffic in and along the banks of the river.

Our other activities include :

  • Corporate Sponsors Annual River Day Cruises
  • Research Vessel Educational Tours
  • River navigation marker maintenance
  • River Cruises – Educational Tours for public on weekends
  • River Patrols – Radio linked to SAPS and relevant bodies
  • Nature Conservation Back-up and support vessel
  • Bird Studies and Tours for Tertiary students and Bodies
  • Refuse Control and removal
  • Water Sample collection for analysis for NMMM and relevant bodies
  • Rescue services for associated areas 24/7
  • Tourism Port Elizabeth – Tour guide education
  • Paramedic Services and river transport 24/7.
  • Night Patrols with SAPS members if required.
  • Patrol vessel if required.