More and more people around the world are realising that the various forms of pollution are killing this earth of ours. Many people and many organisations are busy turning the tide ( so to speak,) against most of them. The one form that we have not yet got control of is plastic pollution. Big retail organisations are for example offering reusable bags for sale instead of the cheap throw away ones. However, there is no incentive for anyone to buy the more expensive reusable bag so very few are in fact purchased.


The Swartkops Conservancy is firmly of the opinion that the soft approach is not working and that drastic measures are now called for:

    1. ZC to actively accelerate public awareness: radio, newspapers, open meetings, public platforms.
    2. ZC  to  engage with Metro to place a phased in ban on disposable plastic of say 3 to 5 years. Why not immediate for the shopping bags,?
    3. ZC to engage directly with big retailers and fast food giants. Aim for an immediate ban on polystyrene packaging .
    4. Expand our environmental lectures to reach all schools . Must concentrate on plastic pollution and what they need to do.


Pollution awareness is essential for modern living. Organic, inorganic and heavy metal pollution is having far reaching consequences on our environment. Recent concerns about pollution have escalated to the long term effects of plastics that are being incorporated into the food chain. Microplastics that are less than 5mm in size are being eaten by a myriad of land and sea creatures and these are capable of releasing harmful chemicals into the guts of the animals consuming polluted prey. The ultimate consumers are inevitably humans. Public awareness and public action are essential for change. Recent plastic bag bans in African countries, the discontinued use of single use plastics in many first world countries and hefty spot fines for polluters are important initiatives for South Africa to follow. The excessive plastic pollution of our coastal environment is evident on every trip to the beach anywhere in our beautiful country.

The Zwartkops Conservancy strongly advocates end–user education …..Thats you!… Be aware of your plastic use and recycle. The Zwartkops Conservancy is firmly of the opinion that the soft approach is not working and that drastic measures are now called for. These would include accelerated public awareness through all media platforms; engaging big retail outlets, fast food giants and the Metro to phase out single use plastics that harm the environment. The Zwartkops Conservancy believes that end-user education is essential for school children, where important environmental messages are readily received through story, song and dance. The public are urged to live in a pro-environmental way or we won’t be able to eat the fish or crops we grow within the next 100 years. We are part of the ecosystems we use, and abuse of these environments through pollution have ultimate repercussions in our own health and our ability to use the environment for food and pleasure into the future and the future of our children.